• Voices of Encouragement February 22, 2019 - As women of faith, how often do we really encourage each other? Do we allow others to see that we need encouraging? Or even better, do we even realize we need encouragement?  I didn't.
  • What Do I Believe About GRACE? January 5, 2019 - If I believe and act as if the results of my messed up attempts at life and love can't be fixed, then I am saying that my sin is bigger than God's redeeming love and salvation through Jesus Christ. 
  • Moving Summer August 23, 2018 - I mean, my husband and I are pretty experienced at doing this move-in thing, and we expected it to be a breeze.
  • Moving Back June 21, 2018 - As we leave the small town of Williamsburg and return to the crowded and fast-paced Northern Virginia area, I wonder what the next year will bring. 
  • I Know Better May 4, 2018 - Expectations and hope are not the same things. Expectations can get us in big trouble. Hope can pull us through trouble.