• What Do I Believe About GRACE? January 5, 2019 - If I believe and act as if the results of my messed up attempts at life and love can't be fixed, then I am saying that my sin is bigger than God's redeeming love and salvation through Jesus Christ. 
  • Moving Summer August 23, 2018 - I mean, my husband and I are pretty experienced at doing this move-in thing, and we expected it to be a breeze.
  • Moving Back June 21, 2018 - As we leave the small town of Williamsburg and return to the crowded and fast-paced Northern Virginia area, I wonder what the next year will bring. 
  • I Know Better May 4, 2018 - Expectations and hope are not the same things. Expectations can get us in big trouble. Hope can pull us through trouble.
  • Kindness Counts April 19, 2018 - Learning how to speak with wisdom and kindness takes practice, and all of us mess up. Thank God for His forgiveness and grace.